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Crystal Wish: Bits Collection is a collection of 6 different minigames featuring the many cute girls of Crystal Wish!

Join the game genie Mughara and her obsession to turn any situation into a weird magic game with tiny (and occasionally massive) twists and turns.

•6 minigames with different playstyles and rules. Have fun playing all or master the one that you really like. (Check the screenshots for more info on each game!).

•Each game comes with its own little story, setting the tone and rules for the shenanigans that will unfold in the different games.

•Never played any Crystal Wish game? No problem, you can just enjoy the games as they are or use the in game 'About' section to get up to speed with the few core things to know (and if you like the bits enough to want to know more, don't forget to check the other games!)

Links: Patreon,   Kofi,   Twitter

Other Crystal Wish Games:

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 Candy Chase (Lite Horror)

Dwindle Hearts (Classic Cards)

Beach Fragments(Action Adventure)

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TagsAnime, Arcade, Casual, collection, Horror


CrystalWish_BitsCollection.zip 200 MB


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funny collection  :D


Every game you’ve made so far has been a gem.