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It's the night of Halloween and three young girls are about to experience their spookiest night ever thanks to a magical friend way too willing to give them a thrilling night.


Candy Chase is a light hearted horror-like game where you'll have to explore a dark cabin and collect all the candies you can in a night.

Be careful however as you won't be alone.

Feeling shorter? Start worrying cause they are onto you~

*Unique enemies with different behaviours.

*Upgradable flashlight:  Unlock and learn how to use each light to seal back the ghost girls coming for you.

*Unlock extra themes and game modes by collecting candies and discovering the secrets of the cabin.

Links: Patreon,  Kofi,    Twitter

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CrystalWish_CandyChase.zip 96 MB
CrystalWish_CandyChase(32Bit).zip 95 MB


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Interessante :P


Very strange game, but pretty cool.


loved it keep up the good work!!

Glad you loved it, your video was very entertaining too!




That was an experience to remember, loved the game.  You should also put this on the indiexpo.net website.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Thanks for the advice and even more for the video, it was very entertaining and even useful to watch.

Very glad you had fun with the game!