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Three girls, a storm and a deck of cards.

Join Mughara, Meg and Rosalyn as they enjoy a game of Hearts to pass the time as a storm rages outside the hotel they are staying at.

Hey, don't you think the room is getting bigger? 

It's called Dwindle Hearts for a reason after all~


Crystal Wish - Dwindle Hearts is a small game where you can relax with some of the girls of Crystal Wish by playing a variant of the classic Hearts card game with them.

This custom version of Hearts features a few rule changes and simplifications, including a dwindle system in place of points (thus the name).

*Includes a short story scene and how-to-play mode to introduce you to the game and cast.

*FreePlay mode for quick matches with customizable options.

*Unlockable characters and stages to further customize the experience.

Links: Patreon,   Kofi,   Twitter

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreCard Game
TagsAnime, Casual, hearts


CrystalWish_DwindleHearts.zip 62 MB
CrystalWish_DwindleHearts(32Bit).zip 61 MB


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I had a bug where the text boxes weren't displaying any text, but it might be because I was playing on Linux

Wow, nice! I love the details and Easter Eggs in the game, but I can't find this last girl, the one right before the dark skinned, pink haired girl.