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So what do I do when I get the blue flash light and the blue oni is already big? Holding right-click makes a snowflake appear but does nothing to the big blue oni.

I could only find the flashlight upgrade items when the big oni is present. The hint states that I'm too small for the blue light to have any effect.

Guess I can't get the other game modes then.

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The blue light can't directly affect the oni, but it totally has a use and effect even when small that can help against her.

Well I haven't seen any water on the floor to freeze to make her slip or anything so...


I loved the game, I loved its gameplay and theme, a very friendly terror, how you face the enemies is very creative in addition to the secrets that I have explored have fascinated me. Now I'm trying to get all the themes and if possible the other game modes, but the truth is that I think the latter is somewhat difficult for me, would you give me a hint? I will try to find them in my own way as well, excellent game and hopefully there will be more of this type <3

ps: use google translator i really speak spanish but i really needed to give you my opinion xd


Interessante :P


Very strange game, but pretty cool.


loved it keep up the good work!!

Glad you loved it, your video was very entertaining too!

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That was an experience to remember, loved the game.  You should also put this on the website.

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

Thanks for the advice and even more for the video, it was very entertaining and even useful to watch.

Very glad you had fun with the game!